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Ronald M.

Tomas and his team are as good as it gets. Great service and a Huge inventory of beautiful carpets. We purchased a beautiful area rug from Tomas and we were very impressed by all aspects of how they do business, above and beyond is the way they operate. Service after the purchase has been more the excellent, would highly recommend the Asian Trade Rug Co as the place you need to go when you are looking for a new rug.

Tom R. - Tucson, AZ

My wife and I were looking for an area rug to accent our great room. Hannah went out of her way to help make the process very relaxing and enjoyable. It is not an exaggeration to say she and her staff moved mountains (of rugs) so we could find the perfect rug for our home. Because they understand that these rugs can be a costly investment, they take the time to talk to you about each rug, its place of origin, and how it was made. They will even deliver the rug prior to purchase, set it up, and if you don't love it will take it back at no cost. I would highly recommend Hannah and her staff to anyone looking for a beautiful piece to pass down to future generations.

James B. - Tucson, AZ

I brought my area rug and two runners to Asian Trade Rug Company to be cleaned and I really had doubts that they would be able to restore them. It had been six years since they had last been cleaned and had been through dog traffic, dogs chewing butcher bones on them and dogs licking their peanut butter bones on them. The rugs looked terrible!! To my surprise, the rugs looked like they were brand new when I picked them up. Great job, Asian Trade Rug Company!! I will bring my rugs back when they need cleaning again. And, not the least, the staff was very nice and informative...they know their rugs!

Terri W. - San Francisco, CA

Bought the most beautiful Gabbeh rug from Asian Trade Rug Co. Service was excellent from looking at and selecting rugs to those rugs being delivered to my home to see if they fit my decor. I now know way more about rugs than I ever had because they were happy to share their knowledge. I have used their rug cleaning service also which is excellent and the rugs are cleaned right at the shop - not shipped out. I look forward to purchasing more rugs from ATRC! And will be using them in future for any rug cleaning or repair needs.

Jenny B. - Tucson, AZ

We can't say enough good things about this business. Not only did they do a great job cleaning a dhurrie rug for us, but Ali, their master carpet repair man, repaired a treasured rug for us after we thought it had been destroyed by the dry cleaners. The rug, a remnant from the old Mountain Oyster Club downtown, was torn in several places when we foolishly sent it to be dry cleaned. From now on we will only take our rugs to Asian Trade Rug Company for any cleaning or repairs.

Susan L. - Tucson, AZ

After having our area rugs cleaned at Asian Trade Rug Company this last spring, we recently purchased two rugs from Asian Trade Rug for our home. Not only were we pleased with both the process and the results from their cleaning our rugs, but also we are very pleased with our new purchases from Asian Trade Rug Company. Its entire staff makes the process for both easy, comfortable, and convenient. They have a wonderful selection, so if you are interested in traditional, antique, tribal/nomadic such as Gabbeh, and so on, you very likely will find something you love.

Helle B. - Tucson, AZ

My most favorite rug shop of all time! Service is always courteous, professional and helpful, and promised times for completion of services (multiple rug cleanings in my case, though I aspire to buy in the future!) can be counted on. I've had all kinds of rugs with stains, needing general cleaning and even small repairs, and in each case the rugs came back as though they were new! I'll be proud to put them down in my new home, and will gladly sing the praises of this delightful company!

Chris & Dyan M.

We were first time buyers of these beautiful rugs and did not have a lot of knowledge about them. Kasra was very helpful and explained in detail the history, origin and quality of these rugs! This was a no pressure sales experience. I would recommend to anyone to shop here! We love our rug!!

Camille B. - Tucson AZ.

I’ve had such wonderful experiences with both having rugs cleaned and purchasing rugs from this establishment. Tomas is incredibly helpful, understands my style after having conversations about decor and size limitations, and goes to great lengths to meet our needs. I really value a place where they remember my name. The folks picking up and dropping off rugs after cleaning are fantastic! Thank you for your great service.

Richard L. - Tucson AZ.

Amazing from start to finish!!I am so thankful for seeing their commercial. I called to get information on the process and I was impressed by the friendly, professional and detailed explanation. When I dropped my rug off, every member of the staff greeted me with a sincere welcome and hello. My rug was ready when promised and a staff member helped me carry it to my car. The rug looked brand new on my floor. Excellent all around!! I will definitely be back and I highly recommend them to everyone

Alexis V. - Tucson AZ.

This is the best place in Tucson to get your rugs cleaned. I have gone with multiple companies and not one has left my area rug the way they have left it. The previous company I had clean my rug said the white on my rug was stained and nothing could be done. When i received my rug back this week it looked NEW, seriously NEW!. The white shines again and is so fluffy and soft. I am 10000% satisfied with this company and will definitely be back when needed of another cleaning, keep in mind I have a Siberian Husky that loves to lay on the rug and is super happy to have it back nice and clean. Thank you for saving my area rug!

Judith D. - Tucson AZ.

This company has done an incredible job of cleaning my rugs.The young men who pick up and deliver the rugs are polite, considerate, helpful and friendly. I would like to commend Joseph who truly knows what he is doing as he examines the rugs before taking them. He and his partner were totally respectful in my home. Each person I talked with on the phone represented a company that provides quality service. I will use this company again in the future.

Ravi B. - Tucson AZ.

"This is an amazingly well organized place with ready expertise and advice, a treasure in Tucson. The operation of this place is a marvel - everything works like clockwork efficiency. The staff are courteous to an extraordinary degree. You must visit this place! There is an abundance of rare, classic, tribal, and contemporary rugs, all arranged in flawless order. Presumably you will walk away with some rugs, but certainly with a feeling that you have seen a great establishment. Clearly the provenance of this pleasurable experience is the owner Mr. Massarat. His encyclopedic knowledge of rugs and his ability to organize and inspire his staff make it all possible. My sincere thanks to Devin and his colleagues who attended to me during each of my visits."

Mark D. - Tucson AZ.

Asian Trade Rug Company cleaned the Asian rug we use in our dining room. This room isn't a high-traffic area, but the rug had been stained numerous times by a sick dog. Company staff pick up our rug and returned it, They were very polite and careful with our rug, and it looks like new again except for one small stain the company admitted to being unable to remove. Still, we believe the overall service was worth the price.

Titus W. - Kathleen, GA

Very honest with me, owner spot on called out my Turkish import and valued it as in Turkey. Cleaning was cheaper than I thought.

Helen I. - Tucson AZ

I have a number of Navajo and Persian Rugs, and over the years I have tried a number of cleaners and repair stores in Tucson. Asian Trade Rug Company has prices and expertise that is as good or better than any I have found.