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Holes In Persian Rugs

The antique Persian Saruk.

The rug was damaged by a leaking, indoor planter.

This 1930's Persian Saruk came to us with serious water damage. Since the foundation had been weakened by persistent moisture, the underlying damage had begun to spread.

Ali was forced to anchor and reinforce a new foundation into the rug;s existing foundation that was salvagable. Then, he was able to replicate the original foundation so that he could completely reknot and restore this beautiful, antique rug to it's original condition.

The hole was immediately apparent when the rug was brought in. It was quite sad to see such severe damage on a truly beautiful rug. The customer didn't think it was repairable and you could tell they were very heart-broken.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Rugs are made to last a lifetime.