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Rug Care

A fine handmade rug is purchased to last a lifetime; properly maintained it will last for generations. Since 1979, Asian Trade Rug Company has been providing expert cleaning, repair and restoration in our on-site facility.
We hope the information on these pages will help you care for and ensure the longevity of your rugs, and that you will contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to have us do your cleaning or repair.

-Wool Fibers
Oriental rugs generally have wool pile and cotton or wool foundations, and are easily and economically maintained. Wool rugs are durable and consistently out-perform those made of other materials. Unlike other fibers, wool is more resilient, cleans better, and stays clean longer.

-Vacuuming & Rotation
Oriental rugs should be vacuumed on a regular basis, front and back, to remove dirt and restore life to the pile fibers. Be careful of the fringe, but keep in mind that the fringe really has no bearing on the value of most rugs, and is often trimmed during rug cleaning anyway. And, to ensure even wear, you should rotate your rug once a year (6 months if traffic is heavy).

-Professional Cleaning
Depending on traffic, we suggest professional cleaning every 1 to 3 years… even if the rug looks okay, there is often a surprising amount of very fine grit that settles in the foundation and can hasten the wear of your rug. We recommend what is known as the “wet-wash” process… avoid facilities that use dunk tanks or dry-cleaning chemicals.

Read more about our cleaning process, and check out our handy *Rug Cleaning Estimator* here.

-Spills & Stains
Pet stains, chewing gum, wax, glue, red wine… if you are wondering the best way to handle an emergency with your rug, you may want to bookmark our Spills & Stains page here!

-Repair & Restoration
In case of damage, there’s not much that can’t be fixed with professional restoration. At Asian Trade Rug Company, all repairs are done by hand… (more).

-Rug Padding
Often overlooked, quality rug padding protects your rug from friction (wear), keeps dirt out of the foundation, protects from slippage, and in some cases even improves the look of the rug. Beware cheap rug pads that may mark your floor or even your rug! We’ll help you select the right pads for your rugs here.

Ship your rug to us for cleaning or repair

UPS Ground and FedEx Home Delivery make it quite affordable to ship rugs from state to state. Call us for a freight estimate, or to arrange for your rugs to be picked up and shipped to us here in Tucson, AZ.

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