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Asian Trade Rug Company

Professional Cleaning

We hand-wash every rug using our "wet-wash" method.
No matter the stain, we will clean to your satisfaction.

  • Always hand-washed
  • Eco-friendly & Pet safe
  • Climate-controlled drying
  • Pick-up & Delivery available

Expert Repair

In case of damage, there’s not much that can’t be fixed by our master repairman and weaver, Ali Shahinpour.

  • Minor to major repairs
  • Alterations in size and shape
  • Handled by master-level weaver
  • Pick-up & Delivery available

Certified Appraisals

Ask for an appraisal and let us help you determine the value, origin and even the age of your handmade rug.

  • Certified by the ORRA
  • Useful for insurance claims
  • Pre & Post-damage estimates
  • In-home appraisals available

Consignment & Selling

We are actively looking for old handmade rugs in any condition. Because we do all our own cleaning and repair we can refurbish any rug to sell.

  • We do offer the option of consigning your rug
  • Your rug will be cleaned and repaired to help it sell
  • We can partner to sell your rug
  • We have the venue, you supply the rug


5-Star Reviews


5-Star Reviews


5-Star Reviews


5-Star Reviews

We have been providing on-site cleaning and repair at our full-service showroom since 1978.