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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning FAQs

Do you only clean Asian/Oriental rugs?

No. We clean all types of rugs from precious handmade antiques to machine-made rugs and everything between. Check out our cleaning page for more detailed information, or give us a call.

How often should I have my rug cleaned?

As a general rule of thumb, you should have your rug cleaned every 3-5 years depending on the traffic it receives and your lifestyle. 

Can you clean antique rugs?

Absolutely. Antique and handmade rugs are our specialty. Under the supervision of Master Repairman Mr. Alishahinpour, truly any type of rug can be cleaned at ATRC. 

Do you clean sheepskin, hide, and other specialty rugs?

Yes, we do. While sheepskin and hide rugs take special care to clean, we do so regularly. The cost for cleaning these rugs is a bit different than our standard cleaning so please give us a call for an accurate quote. 

Can you clean Navajo rugs? Don’t they bleed?

Absolutely! We clean Navajo rugs regularly. Cleaning Navajo rugs takes a special knowledge of the natural dyes used and how to appropriately clean them. We have perfected this method. With a newer Navajo rug that has never been cleaned before, there is always a risk of color bleed, however we do have a repairman who can remediate any bleeding that could occur. Call us or stop in for more information. 

How do you clean rugs? Do you use chemicals or steam?

We clean rugs using the traditional methods passed down by many generations of rug weavers and dealers. It is a “wet-wash” process which involves soap and water, and a lot of hard labor. While it is not the easiest method, it is the only one that is proven and safe for all rugs including precious antiques and handmade rugs. 

How much does it cost to clean my rug?

Cleaning is charged by the square foot. Please see our cleaning page and use our handy calculator to get the cost of cleaning your rug. Additional charges may apply for specialty rugs and additional services. 

What if I’m not happy with my cleaning?

Everything we do always has been and always will be 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will make it right! 

Do I need an appointment to drop off my rug for cleaning?

No appointment necessary. Stop in during business hours and let our team know you are here. We will come out to retrieve your rug from your vehicle. 

I have a big rug – can you pick it up for me?

Absolutely, we have a full-time pick up and delivery team. That service is free within Tucson for a 6×9 rug or larger. Small fees apply outside of Tucson. Give us a call to get on our schedule.

How long does it take to clean my rug?

Because our cleaning is done on-site six days a week, our turn around time is  generally only 3-5 business days.

Should I bring in the pad underneath my rug for cleaning too?

Unfortunately, we cannot clean the padding underneath your rug. However, it shouldn’t need it. While your rug is out for cleaning is a great time to thoroughly vacuum the pad front and back.

Can you clean my rug in my home, on-site?

We cannot. We clean rugs the traditional way with soap and water – it is a wet and soapy process that requires a professional cleaning facility. Be wary of any carpet cleaning company offering to “clean” your rugs in your home. The only way to truly clean a rug is to shampoo it thoroughly. In-home cleaning generally involves harsh chemicals or steam, which is not safe for use on most area rugs. Rely on a rug professional for the cleaning of your area rugs. 

My rug has wool moths or carpet beetles in it, can you help?

Of course. We can clean your rug and treat for the pests so that the rug is clean and pest free. Damage done by the moths can almost always be repaired, and depending on the extent of the damage could be fairly cost effective versus replacing the rug. 

My home flooded and my rug is wet, what should I do?

Bring your rug in or call us to have it picked up as soon as possible. With wet rugs, time is of the essence. The faster we can clean it, the more likely your rug will come out good as new. If your rug has been left wet or attempted to dry at home, it most likely smells of mildew or mold, and we can treat for that with an enzyme bath for your rug. If the colors have bled, there are things we can do to help remediate that as well, to a certain extent. Each rug is unique and each situation is case-by-case and will need to be assessed in person by our master repairman. 

I tried to clean my rug at home and now the colors are running and the rug feels stiff, can you help?

Yes, we can. Always leave rug cleaning to a professional rug cleaner. We have special shampoo and a hydraulic press to squeeze the excess water out of the rug before drying it quickly in our climate-controlled drying room. Unfortunately, we have seen many rugs irreversibly damaged by cleaning attempted at home, but most times we can remediate the problem. 

My rug has a stain that did not come out with cleaning from another company, can you help?

Absolutely. Our Master Repairman, Mr. Ali Shahinpour, can remove stains from just about any rug with his proprietary blend of lifting agents. In order to give you an accurate quote and expected results, he will have to first test a small area. Once he sees how the stain reacts to his treatment, he can give you an exact quote. 

Can you apply a stain resistant coating like Scotchgard™ to my rug after cleaning?

We do not offer stain resistant coatings, as we cannot guarantee that these chemicals will not harm handmade, natural dyed, or antique rugs. This may be appropriate for some synthetic material carpets, but it is not something we can guarantee. Wool rugs are naturally stain resistant and everything comes out with a professional cleaning every 3-5 years. 

Do you provide Military or student discounts?

We are happy to extend a 10% discount on cleaning to military service members and their families, as well as students! 

Services FAQs

Can you store my rugs for me?

We absolutely offer safe rug storage. Fees depend on the size of the rug, generally speaking $5-$10 a week per rug. Contact us for more accurate pricing. 

Can you do appraisals on my rugs?

Yes! There is no charge for a verbal appraisal including identifying the origin, age, and relative value of your rug. As Arizona’s only certified appraisers of rugs, we can also provide certified written appraisals for insurance or estate planning purposes. The fee for a written appraisal is $150 for the first rug, and $50 for each additional rug. 

I need to ship a rug out of state, can you help with that?

We sure can. We can wrap and ship a rug for you for minimal fees. Please contact us for additional information. 

I am putting my rugs into storage – is there anything I should know?

Absolutely. Have us wrap your rugs professionally for storage for a minimal fee. In Arizona especially, rugs left in storage are highly susceptible to infestation by wool moths and carpet beetles. These critters prefer wool that is left in dark, undisturbed areas and will breed in the wool and eat the wool fibers off your rug causing an immense amount of damage. 

Do you sell non-slip pads for underneath the rugs?

We sure do. We offer three types of underlayment and padding options for rugs. Get more information about pads here.

I want to hang my rug on the wall, can you do that?

We have come up with our very own way of hanging rugs on walls seamlessly with no hanging rods or clips. We will prep your rug and create the hanging mechanism custom to your rug size. When you get home, all you have to do is screw or nail it into the wall. If you already have a hanging rod, we can sew a custom sleeve onto your rug for you as well. Please call us or bring your rug in for more information. 

I want to move some rugs around in my home and have them placed under my furniture, can you help with that if I’m not having them cleaned?

Absolutely! Just give us a call and let us know what you’d like done. We will happily send our delivery team to move and install your rugs professionally on an hourly basis. 

Rug Sales FAQs

Do you only sell Asian rugs?

We deal only in quality handmade rugs, most of which come from Western Asia including Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, the Caucasus etc. We do have a collection of Chinese and Navajo rugs as well. 

What is the price range of your rugs?

The price range of our rugs varies greatly depending on the style, country of origin, age & condition. We sell everything from brand new modern rugs to vintage and antique pieces. We try to have something for everyone at all price points. 

What do the terms new, vintage and antique mean in rugs?

Handmade rugs under 30 years old are considered new. Vintage rugs range around 40-90 years old. Once a rug reaches about 100 years old, it is considered an antique. Our collections includes a mix of different ages of rugs, and varying price points.

Do you buy old rugs?

We offer four ways to get rid of your existing rug: trade, buy, consign or donate.
If it is in good sellable condition, we take trade-ins towards something that better suits your needs, or even towards cleaning your other rugs. In some cases, we may buy rugs from you at wholesale prices, especially antique, vintage, and Persian rugs. We also offer the option to place your rugs for sale on consignment with us. If your rug is not in a sellable condition but is still usable, we offer to clean your rug at no charge to you if you allow us to donate it to a local charity. Please call for more details on selling, trading, consigning or donating your rug. 

What is a “hand loomed rug” and why don’t you sell them?

“Hand loomed” is a term referring to rugs that are partially handmade but not knotted. They are constructed by inserting wool fibers into a foundation, but not actually tying knots. The result is lower quality rugs that can shed and do not stand the test of time the way a hand knotted rug would. We choose not to sell this quality of rug to maintain our integrity and reputation, although it is a perfectly acceptable way to get a handmade look without a handmade price point. We can clean and repair your hand loomed rug. 

What is a “hand tufted rug” and why don’t you sell them?

“Tufted” or “Hand Tufted” is a marketing term that refers to a rug that is constructed with the use of a tufting machine. The “weaver” holds the tufting machine in place as it inserts fibers into a bed of glue or a mesh foundation. They are considered machine made rugs. At Asian Trade Rug Company, we only deal in quality hand knotted or woven rugs, although we can clean and repair your machine made rug for you. 

Why are handmade rugs better than machine made rugs?

Handmade rugs have been made by artisans and cherished for thousands of years. In fact, the art of making rugs predates religion! Handmade rugs are made to last, which is why you can find over a thousand antique rugs in our store, each a minimum of 100 years old. With the proper care and attention, your rug can last generations!

How Do You Fold a Rug for Shipping?

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  • Helle B.

    My most favorite rug shop of all time! Service is always courteous, professional and helpful, and promised times for completion of services (multiple rug cleanings in my case, though I aspire to buy in the future!) can be counted on. I've had all kinds of rugs with stains, needing general cleaning and even small repairs, and in each case the rugs came back as though they were new! I'll be proud to put them down in my new home, and will gladly sing the praises of this delightful company!

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  • Ronald M.

    Tomas and his team are as good as it gets. Great service and a Huge inventory of beautiful carpets. We purchased a beautiful area rug from Tomas and we were very impressed by all aspects of how they do business, above and beyond is the way they operate. Service after the purchase has been more the excellent, would highly recommend the Asian Trade Rug Co as the place you need to go when you are looking for a new rug.

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  • Jonathan H.

    My wife and I have purchased three rugs here, and have had another cleaned with remarkable results. The folks here are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable about every detail of the construction and history of their products. The prices are very fair. We'll buy there again without a doubt.

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  • Jenny B.

    We can't say enough good things about this business. Not only did they do a great job cleaning a dhurrie rug for us, but Ali, their master carpet repair man, repaired a treasured rug for us after we thought it had been destroyed by the dry cleaners. The rug, a remnant from the old Mountain Oyster Club downtown, was torn in several places when we foolishly sent it to be dry cleaned. From now on we will only take our rugs to Asian Trade Rug Company for any cleaning or repairs.

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  • Susana A

    We took our oriental rugs for cleaning after having a bad experience elsewhere. They were very reassuring and knowledgeable and we are very pleased with the results. We recommend Asian Trade Rug Company wholeheartedly.

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  • Susan L

    After having our area rugs cleaned at Asian Trade Rug Company this last spring, we recently purchased two rugs from Asian Trade Rug for our home. Not only were we pleased with both the process and the results from their cleaning our rugs, but also we are very pleased with our new purchases from Asian Trade Rug Company. Its entire staff makes the process for both easy, comfortable, and convenient. They have a wonderful selection, so if you are interested in traditional, antique, tribal/nomadic such as Gabbeh, and so on, you very likely will find something you love.

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