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Rug Care & Maintenance

Handmade rugs will last for generations and get better with age, if cared for properly. Follow these guidelines and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Cleaning Your Rug

Worker cleaning rug

We recommend having your rug professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Roughly every 2-3 years for high traffic areas and 4-5 years for lower traffic areas. Of course a clean looking rug is a great benefit, but also keep in mind that fine dirt and silt can get trapped in the pile of your rug and breakdown the wool fibers over time. A regular cleaning not only makes your rug look better, but will also prolonge the life of your rug. Learn more about rug cleaning.

Rotating Your Rug

Living room with rug

Rotate your rugs 180 degrees every year or two, or after your regular cleaning. You will get a more even light, and wear patterns and prolong the life and need for cleaning in general. If you have a flatwoven rug, be sure to use both sides. Need help moving your furniture and rotating your rug? Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Repairing Your Rug

Repairing a rug

We have all heard that “a stitch in time saves nine”. This old adage is definitely true when it comes to rugs. If you notice the ends or edges of your rug opening up or unravelling, contact us for a professional repair. Preventative repairs are less costly than full restoration.

Vacuuming Your Rug

Vacuuming rug
  • Newer Rugs

    A vacuum will not hurt a newer rug. Vacuum your rug regularly. If your rug has a pile, use the beater brush. You can use a handheld attachment for detailing the fringe of your rug.

  • Antique Rugs

    If your rug is an antique or particularly delicate, you will need to use more care. Do not use the beater brush, and consider using handheld attachments for the entirety of the rug.

  • Flatwoven Rugs

    Do not use the beater brush. Be sure to vacuum both sides.

  • Shag Rugs

    Turn off the beater brush to prevent tangling of long fibers in your vacuum.

In Arizona, we have not only dust, but also wool moths and carpet beetles to worry about. The best thing you can do to prevent these wool eating critters is to regularly vacuum your rug. These pests prefer dark, undisturbed areas ie: under furniture, rugs in storage, rugs in rooms that rarely get used.

Spot Cleaning Your Rug

Dog on bed

Accidents happen. Because every spill and every rug is completely unique, we recommend reaching out to us for advice on what to do for spills and accidents and bring it in for a professional rug cleaning. If your rug is wool, the good news is wool is naturally stain resistant and most stains can come out with a professional cleaning. Some stubborn stains may need additional stain removal, which we can provide.

For pet urine and any other potentially corressive accidents, try to soak up as much liquid as possible with a dry cloth (pat, don’t rub) and get your rug in to be professionally cleaned as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage such as corrosion, color bleed, and rot.

Minor Spills

Woman holding coffee cup

For minor spills of things like food, cosmetics or dirt you can treat small areas at home. Mix a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid with 1 cup of cold water and whisk to make suds. Dip a dry cloth into the suds until damp, not wet. Blot the mixture on the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Repeat as needed.

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  • Helle B.

    My most favorite rug shop of all time! Service is always courteous, professional and helpful, and promised times for completion of services (multiple rug cleanings in my case, though I aspire to buy in the future!) can be counted on. I've had all kinds of rugs with stains, needing general cleaning and even small repairs, and in each case the rugs came back as though they were new! I'll be proud to put them down in my new home, and will gladly sing the praises of this delightful company!

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  • Ronald M.

    Tomas and his team are as good as it gets. Great service and a Huge inventory of beautiful carpets. We purchased a beautiful area rug from Tomas and we were very impressed by all aspects of how they do business, above and beyond is the way they operate. Service after the purchase has been more the excellent, would highly recommend the Asian Trade Rug Co as the place you need to go when you are looking for a new rug.

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  • Jonathan H.

    My wife and I have purchased three rugs here, and have had another cleaned with remarkable results. The folks here are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable about every detail of the construction and history of their products. The prices are very fair. We'll buy there again without a doubt.

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  • Jenny B.

    We can't say enough good things about this business. Not only did they do a great job cleaning a dhurrie rug for us, but Ali, their master carpet repair man, repaired a treasured rug for us after we thought it had been destroyed by the dry cleaners. The rug, a remnant from the old Mountain Oyster Club downtown, was torn in several places when we foolishly sent it to be dry cleaned. From now on we will only take our rugs to Asian Trade Rug Company for any cleaning or repairs.

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  • Susana A

    We took our oriental rugs for cleaning after having a bad experience elsewhere. They were very reassuring and knowledgeable and we are very pleased with the results. We recommend Asian Trade Rug Company wholeheartedly.

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  • Susan L

    After having our area rugs cleaned at Asian Trade Rug Company this last spring, we recently purchased two rugs from Asian Trade Rug for our home. Not only were we pleased with both the process and the results from their cleaning our rugs, but also we are very pleased with our new purchases from Asian Trade Rug Company. Its entire staff makes the process for both easy, comfortable, and convenient. They have a wonderful selection, so if you are interested in traditional, antique, tribal/nomadic such as Gabbeh, and so on, you very likely will find something you love.

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