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Antique Rust Persian Beshiri Remnant 7′ X 10′


SKU: 24010354
General Size: 7' x 10'
Actual Size: 7'-4" x 11'-0"
Background Color: Rust
Age: Antique
Age Details:
Origin of Rug: Persian
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Drawing from the rich weaving traditions of Persia, this Beshiri rug remnant showcases the legendary craftsmanship and distinctive geometric patterns esteemed by collectors and designers alike. Its well-worn texture and warm, earthy palette of reds, blues, and understated neutrals imbue a sense of history and character that enrich modern interiors with an authentic touch. This piece's characteristic design elements resonate with current trends favoring eclectic and global décor sensibilities, ensuring it will serve as an intriguing focal point in any contemporary space. Ideal for a sophisticated interior, the rug measures 7'4" x 11'0".

Remnants are parts of rugs, or mostly intact rugs that have salvageable parts for projects and pillows, or use as-is by those that value the worn beauty. We offer custom in-house upholstery projects using these remnants or you can purchase them as raw material. Because the wear of rugs slows after they are converted for decorative use, this tradition has preserved rugs that would otherwise have been lost from history.

Our collection includes new and vintage/antique handmade rugs, each with its own unique characteristics and color variations, enhancing their individuality and charm. We do our best to accurately depict colors and areas of variation/repair/wear in our photos. We invite you to embrace the inherent beauty of these variations, as they contribute to the authenticity and allure of our handcrafted rugs. Expert repairs and restoration available as needed.