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Vintage Red Afghanistan Turkoman 3′ X 5′


SKU: 10011708
General Size: 3' x 5'
Actual Size: 3'-2" x 4'-4"
Background Color: Red
Age: Vintage
Age Details:
Origin of Rug: Afghanistan
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This authentic Turkoman rug, handwoven by Afghan artisans, showcases the venerable artistry of nomadic cultures with its intricate geometric patterns and rich, warm hues. The rug's patterns, rooted in centuries-old traditions, are set against a deep red background, making it a striking piece that retains its historical essence while fitting seamlessly into modern interior design trends. Durable and crafted with precision, this rug brings a unique character to any space, capturing a story in each weave. This timeless piece measures 3'2" x 4'4", offering both versatility and cultural depth to the discerning collector.

Turkomen rugs are known for their highly detailed, geometric patterns, often featuring a combination of stylized floral and tribal motifs. The most distinctive feature of these rugs is the 'gul' – a repeated medallion-like design that varies in shape and size. The wool is dyed using natural pigments extracted from plants and minerals, resulting in a rich and vibrant color palette that includes deep reds, blues, and warm earth tones.

Our collection includes new and vintage/antique handmade rugs, each with its own unique characteristics and color variations, enhancing their individuality and charm. We do our best to accurately depict colors and areas of variation/repair/wear in our photos. We invite you to embrace the inherent beauty of these variations, as they contribute to the authenticity and allure of our handcrafted rugs. Expert repairs and restoration available as needed.